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If you own residential or commercial property, you know that maintenance is both important and ongoing. Sometimes, you need to trim back trees and growth for aesthetic reasons. Other times you need better access to elements of your property. Every now and then, you may need an entire property cleared so you can start fresh with a clean build site. Land clearing services are made to handle each of these jobs, helping you maintain the integrity and well-being of your property.

If you’re considering using land clearing services for the first time, you likely have questions. Whether you need a small area of brush trimmed back or a large, wooded lot cleared for building, let’s get a better picture of land-clearing services.

Here are the Top 10 reasons to give land clearing a try:

1. Improve Safety

One of the most important reasons property owners seek land clearing services is safety. After a storm or other event, your property may be littered with fallen trees, branches, and other debris. This can pose a safety hazard for two reasons: i) people who access your property for any reason could be at risk and ii) trying to clear the debris yourself can put you in danger.

Companies that specialize in land clearing services have the equipment and skills to safely remove damaged trees, precarious objects, and other debris.

2. Clear the Way for New Buildings

Whether you own a single lot and plan to build a new family home or a multi-acre property that will house a commercial or industrial building, every building site needs a fresh start. Land clearing services offer an efficient, cost-effective way to remove trees, bushes, and brush from your land.

Where additional debris is in the way — often tree stumps need to be removed or large rocks cleared — it will be hauled away, leaving your construction team with a blank canvas to begin their work. In other words, land clearing services transform your property, clearing it completely of growth, in preparation for building.  

3. Improve Your Property’s Appearance

If your property is on the market, or about to be listed for sale, you want it to look its best for a quick turnaround. Land clearing services can improve the look of your yard or property by removing debris, weeds, and overgrown areas. With a blank canvas, you can use plants to decorate the area or simply provide ideas for how the space could look.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your property, land-clearing services can help improve its overall appearance by removing unwanted foliage and growth. 

4. Create New Trails or Roads

Land Clearing Services

Another popular use of land clearing services is the creation of trails or roads on your property. Some property owners need new roads put in place for general access. Perhaps you need a way to reach a pond or building on the far side of your property. Maybe you need reliable access for property guests to move around your site.

On residential property, you may be interested in cutting new trails or roads through forests to create new recreational paths. Many turn to land clearing services to establish new cross-country ski trails, hunting paths, and access for snowmobiles or ATVs.

5. Protect Fences and Lot Lines

As part of sound property maintenance, it is important to have clear access to your fence or lot line. On larger properties, it is easy to ignore a fence or lot markers until they have been crowded or obscured by brush and forest growth.

To protect the integrity of your lot or fence, and to avoid damage from expanding trees and bushes, consider using land clearing services as part of your regular property maintenance.

6. Create Better Water Access

If your residential or commercial property includes a lake or pond, you will likely want clear waterfront access for both views and water use. In this case—if forest growth fronts your lake or pond—you may want to have it removed or cut back.

Generally, work along a waterfront is considered more delicate than inland land clearing services.  Land clearing teams will use specialized equipment and techniques to minimize damage to land and habitats as they remove trees and brush for better water access.

7. Improve Forest Health

Land clearing services also play a vital role in improving forest health. Forestry thinning allows selective trees to thrive, by reducing competition from brush, smaller trees and invasive species. When larger trees have better access to sunlight, water and nutrients, they expand faster, becoming stronger, taller and more robust.

Land-clearing services can include nimble tools to selectively target weaker growth while leaving larger trees intact.

8. Expedite Landscaping Projects

Some landscaping projects need a fresh start. Whether you plan to re-work an entire property or a corner of your garden, it often makes sense to remove what’s there, create the structure you want and start fresh with new plants, flowers and bushes.

Land clearing services help to speed up your landscaping plans by delivering an efficient route to a blank canvas. This is especially true for larger landscaping jobs, where manual removal of plants, trees and other debris could take days.

9. Replenish the Soil

When you clear a property of trees and other growth, you will likely have the option to recycle branches, trees, stumps, bushes and other materials. This is accomplished through a mulching process. The by-products of mulching can be returned to your property, providing both nutrients for the soil and an effective tool for weed suppression.

Most land clearing services will offer this option — an eco-friendly solution that disposes of your land waste while replenishing the soil.

10. Prepare Agricultural Sites

Farm owners commonly use land clearing services to help them prepare pastures or farm fields for future use. As you organize crops and make the most of your property, you may need a field or pasture cleared completely, before you can repurpose and begin fresh.

In short, land clearing services are used for many reasons with a wide range of methods and tools. Professional land clearing teams will offer services such as mulching, bulldozing, stump grinding, stump removal, and more. They will offer both efficient services for land reuse and precision techniques for more delicate jobs.

At Stump Demolition, we use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to clear your land with minimal impact. Our excavators, mulchers, loaders, and stump grinders efficiently remove trees and tree debris, brush, and bushes. We also remove stumps — either by grinding them to the ground or digging them out completely — then haul the excess away, including rocks and other debris.

We are dedicated to helping you shape your property the way you want. With the experience and equipment to handle any size land clearing job, we are ready to help you get started.

At Stump Demolition, we serve southeast Michigan with a high work ethic, clear communication, and the highest quality work standards. We ensure our jobs are done on schedule and budget. We aim to leave as little residual evidence of our services as possible.

To get started, simply contact us. We will arrange a time to assess your property and your land clearing project. Let us help with your fresh start.


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