Five Reasons to Tackle Land Clearing in Winter

Five Reasons to Tackle Land Clearing in Winter

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If you own property in Michigan, and need some land cleared, you might think that you cannot do land clearing in the winter months. While you navigate snow-covered roads and sidewalks, you might assume that your yard or property is dormant for the winter—that you don’t need to think about it. The truth is, as colder temperatures prevail in Michigan, from November to March, it can be an ideal time to think about a specific land-related task: land clearing. 

Land clearing is the removal of existing material from your property, including plants and bushes, trees, stumps, roots and other vegetation. Over time, your property can become overgrown with grasses, trees, bushes and other plants. Land clearing offers a thorough reset when you want to re-purpose a property for landscaping, construction or agricultural use.

You may assume that land clearing in winter would be difficult or harmful to your property—that you should wait until the ground has thawed to get started. The truth is, winter is an ideal season for this job. While the ground is frozen and while plants, trees and crops lie dormant, you have a unique opportunity to get this job done safely.  

Five Reasons to Tackle Land Clearing in Winter

Here are five reasons to clear your land over the winter, rather than wait for better weather:

  1. Maximize Land Use Time

In Michigan, the land is most easily used from spring until fall, when the soil is prepared and ready for use when crops, trees and plants experience peak growth seasons. Winter is traditionally a dormant time when many outdoor projects are put on hold until the weather warms.  

Conducting land clearing in winter, before the activity of spring, makes efficient use of time. Land clearing can be done year-round, offering the flexibility of using colder months for the job. 

Rather than wait to schedule your land clearing for the spring, when you may be forced to delay other tasks or jobs on your property, schedule your land clearing in winter to maximize your efficiency. As a bonus, by the time the weather changes in spring, your land clearing job will have created a blank slate for you to begin your other projects. 

  1. Make the Most of Solid Ground

In Michigan, one of the biggest advantages of starting land clearing in the winter is related to the state of the ground. The colder weather makes the ground more solid. Once it freezes, it will remain in a more solid state for longer, often until a proper thaw in the spring.

Given that land clearing often requires heavy equipment, solid ground is ideal for getting the job done efficiently. When the equipment is properly supported, it can move around more easily, getting the job done faster while tearing up less ground. 

If you wait until the spring to start your land clearing job, the heavy equipment required will not only struggle to perform as well in softer conditions, but it is also more likely to cause damage to the area while creating a muddy mess.

  1. Minimize Soil Damage

One of the benefits of starting your land clearing job in the winter is the protection it can provide to your soil. As most plants enter a state of dormancy in the colder weather, their roots are not actively growing when they are removed from the soil. 

This dormant state helps to prevent excess damage to the land itself, minimizing soil erosion and helping to maintain healthy waterways. With less soil disruption, there is less damage to soil organisms that help plants and trees to thrive. 

If your lot needs to be levelled after land clearing has been done, it is much easier to do when the disruption to soil has been minimized. In other words, land clearing in winter is easier on your soil than it would be in warmer weather.

  1. Less Precipitation

Through the winter months, there is generally less precipitation In Michigan. This is an advantage, as rain softens the ground and often makes it more slippery. Wet trees and bushes are also heavier to remove and potentially more hazardous for crews and equipment. 

In what might seem like a paradox, when there is snow on the ground, it is often a good time for land clearing. While too much snow will be problematic, adding to the weight and overall effort of the job, up to a few inches of snow acts as a protective layer for the soil. 

Land clearing in winter, whether the ground is frozen and bare or covered by a few inches of snow, is a far cleaner job than it would be in the spring when rainfall increases and water seeps into the ground. 

By taking advantage of dryer conditions in the winter, your land clearing job will avoid the risks of excess precipitation and runoff; your soil will have more time to settle before the rains of spring begin.

  1. Clear View of the Job to be Done

Winter provides the clearest view of your land. This is true, whether you have a residential property, a multi-acre farm, a vacant lot or a property you plan to clear for development. With the leaves down from deciduous trees, flowers and other greens are gone for the season and other plants in a dormant state, you often have a more complete view of your property. 

While this is widely seen as an excellent time for planning, it is also a prime opportunity for visibility. With less growth, you will have less to remove than you would if you waited until the spring. It is also easier to see and makes faster work of the job.

In short, when you can better see your land, and there is less work to be done, it may just be the perfect time for your land clearing job.    

Land Clearing in Winter: Let the Right Team Help

Whether you have trees, bushes, stumps or other debris to clear from your land if you’re wondering when to get the job done, keep the winter months in mind. Outside of heavy snow or other storm events, land clearing can be done year-round.

The key to preserving the integrity of your land and minimizing soil damage, at any time of year, is to work with a qualified, experienced team of experts.  

The right land clearing team will communicate on timing, they will give you a good understanding of what to expect and they will conduct a thorough assessment of your property. If your property is located near a river, lake or another waterway, they will help you obtain the necessary permits and permissions. 

At Stump Demolition, we stand by our commitment to you. We serve southeast Michigan with a high work ethic, clear communication and the highest quality work standards. We ensure our jobs are done on schedule and budget. We have plenty of experience working year-round and we are happy to get started on your land clearing job in the winter months.

To get started, simply contact us. We will arrange a time to assess your property, including the timing of your project, the nature of your soil, your risk of erosion and which permits you are likely to need. Let us help with your fresh start.


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