Why it Matters: Right of Way Clearing

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If you own property in Michigan, you have certain responsibilities and limitations. If a public road runs through or beside your property, for example, the county or state will likely have access to a certain distance into your property, for the sake of road safety and utility maintenance. Right of way clearing—reducing the brush and […]

Planting After Forestry Mulching: 5 Things to Know

Planting After Forestry Mulching

If you own or manage property that needs maintenance, you may be considering forestry mulching, an efficient way to optimize growth and manage soil health. Forestry mulching is a form of land clearing that selectively removes unwanted trees, brush or other vegetation from your property. By removing and chipping select vegetation, without clearing the land […]

Benefits of Forestry Mulching Michigan Over Land Clearing

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Owning property means occasionally investing in maintenance. While it can be hard to know which things to prioritize, some routine or even semi-regular tasks can deliver more value than others. If you have a forest or even a handful of trees on your property, you may have reason to clear the land. If so, you […]

Five Reasons to Tackle Land Clearing in Winter

Five Reasons to Tackle Land Clearing in Winter

If you own property in Michigan, and need some land cleared, you might think that you cannot do land clearing in the winter months. While you navigate snow-covered roads and sidewalks, you might assume that your yard or property is dormant for the winter—that you don’t need to think about it. The truth is, as […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Land Clearing Company

Choosing the Right Land Clearing Company

Are those trees are in the way? Do you know how to choose the right land clearing company? Whether you are building a new house or planning a large commercial project, you can’t do anything until you clear a spot for your project. But this is easier said than done.  Clearing land is a big […]

Do You Need a Permit to Clear Land in Michigan?

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If you own property in Michigan and have a land use project in mind, you may have one question: Do you need a permit to clear land in Michigan?  Like so many questions around land use, the answer rests on several factors. Depending on the location of your land, the amount you need to have […]

Land Clearing Services: Top 10 Uses

Land Clearing Services Top 10 Uses

If you own residential or commercial property, you know that maintenance is both important and ongoing. Sometimes, you need to trim back trees and growth for aesthetic reasons. Other times you need better access to elements of your property. Every now and then, you may need an entire property cleared so you can start fresh […]

Our New Website is Live – Stump Grinding Services in Southeast Michigan

Stump Demolition New Website Launch

We are excited to announce that our new website is now live! We have been working hard to create a website that is easy to use and provides our customers with the information they need without spending a lot of time on navigation. Check out our gallery page to see images of our old and […]